Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Molly + David = True Love Always

Okay, I am coming clean and admitting to the world that I am in love with a teenager. Those of you who missed American Idol last night won't understand the depth of my infatuation, but those who did will understand why I've been trying to convince Spencer to slacken the marital ties that bind us just a bit and let me see if I can somehow win David's heart and why I've wandered the house saying "Molly Archuleta" over and over again just to see how it would sound. AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! The only three words to describe David Archuleta's performance last night on Idol. All joking aside, Spence and I watched it 5 times consecutively on our TiVo and oooohed and aaaahed more and more each time. I can't believe how talented that kid is!! Wow. We'd never ever before watched even one episode of American Idol so this season we decided to jump on the pop culture bandwagon and give it a go. So far, we've not been disappointed. You can bet I'll be tuned in tonight again! So....what do YOU think my chances are with David?? Will my five kids be too much baggage for him to take on? :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Cort!

I know I am just a bit biased but I have to say that I think Cort is just about as close to perfect as a kid can come, and still be just barely six years old. Man, we love this kid!! Sweet as can be, kind and conscientious, smart as a whip. And handsome to boot! He is such a special guy. Yesterday was his 6th birthday and we celebrated with some simple activities. At the end of Cort's afternoon kindergarten class, I got to go to down to the school to share a treat and to show his friends a poster we made that was all about the things he loves. It was a very simple spotlight but Cort was in heaven being the "star." It was so fun! After school we raced home for a quick meal and then I took Cort, his cousin Peter, Macy and Caleb to Jungle Jim's in Fort Union for 3 fun filled hours of kiddie rides and arcade games. The kids had a blast and it was a relatively stress-free experience for me, which was a major bonus. You'll see from the pictures what a great time they all had. Happy Birthday Cort! We love you buddy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


CRAWLING!!! Wahoo! The twins are finally mobile. Just this week, at exactly 9 months of age, they officially started "crawling" a.k.a. slithering and scooting and grunting and otherwise WILLING themselves across the room. Although they are garnering absolutely no points for style at this point, they are enjoying the ability to go after things that they see that look enticing. Toys, siblings, crumbs on the kitchen floor (gross! extra motivation to sweep and mop reguarly!) and unwisely placed ceramic vases on the bottom shelf of the sofa table (time to baby proof again! sigh Everything to the tip top shelves and cupboards!). Although having two little mobile babes will certainly have it's drawbacks, I have to admit that it sounds dreamy to not carry Jake and Emmy from room to room to room and up and down the stairs any more.

In other family news, my older sister Amy moved into a new home just around the bend from us about a week and a half ago. I call it a "home" when in reality it is more of a mini rec center with bedrooms. We have been BBQ-ing and swimming our guts out every weekend in the indoor pool as well as enjoying the indoor 1/2 court gym and killer batting cage and arcade. (as a side note: who knew that Guitar Hero really DOES live up to all the hype?? Cort and I do air guitar and practice our moves while Dad's away at work!) We are more than happy to help my sister's family get full use of all their amenities...and not have to worry about the upkeep of any of it. :) Thanks Amy and Jim for your willingness to share your toys! We LOVE the house!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Utah Jazz Autograph Party

One of the perks of my Dad's job as the Team Physician for the Utah Jazz is an invitation to some fun events like the annual autograph party that we attended about a week and a half ago. I realized I forgot to post some of the pictures we took so here they are, better late than never. Needless to say, Cort was in HEAVEN the entire time. He is so into the team this year and knows names and details about these players that I wouldn't even pretend to know. It was so fun to see his face light up as each player shook his hand and signed his ball and T-shirt. Anyway, here goes:

Ronnie Brewer. Cort says: "He's really cool."

"D. Will" with the twins. Emmy wasn't impressed by his star power. She wanted her Mommy BIG TIME!

Paul Millsap

Andrei Kirilenko and the kiddos

Ronnie Price

Coach Jerry Sloan

Mehmot Okur. Another favorite player of ours. Cort loves to tell us when Memo "busts a three" (as he calls it) during the games.

Carlos Booooooooooooozerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We love this guy. So nice and approachable and also a father of twins, a few months younger than ours. We can relate to each other in special "multiple birth" ways! :)

I have to add that Assistant Coach Tyrone Corbin (former Jazz man for you die hard, long-time fans) watched Caleb dribbling his little mini basketball around the room and said that the he had excellent touch on the ball. "Very impressive" for a two-year old. Sweet! I'm already dreaming of the big bucks that will start rolling my way when this kid hits the NBA! Maybe Spencer won't drive the Civic forever after all. haha