Friday, October 31, 2008

Did I mention the twins are in a phase? Mischievous? Yes. Naughty? Absolutely. But, also very, very cute and entertaining. So you saw the picture of the 5,000 Perler beads all over the place?? Here's another example of what happens around our house when you turn your back for ONE SECOND!

So, Jakey got a bit over-anxious and jumped the gun while we had our backs turned. Made for a cute photo and a lot of wet clothes (notice the shoes and the windbreaker as well as a jeans and a sweatshirt!) These babies are keeping life interesting, that's for sure! We love them!

Oh, and here's two quick shots of our Halloween crew. Macy was a 50's girl, Cort went as a BYU football player for, I think, the 2nd or 3rd time, Caleb went as Batman with a dog nose (don't ask), Jake was a clown and Emmy a bunny:


Julie said...

This post is exactly why family blogs are the greatest. That picture with Jake in the tub was hilarious!!! I wish I could see them all in person, they are so adorable in pictures. They all have the greatest smiles!! And now I get to return the favor with spellcheck-- notice anything funny about the word "absolutely" in the first paragraph. ha ha :)

The Hyding Place said...

Cute costumes and I love the clothes in the bath picture. So funny.

Sunni said...

Cute costumes. My sierra was also a bunny, and Logan a BYU football fan.